I just had a wonderful conversation with Jennifer Weigel, a performance artist who will be participating in Man Up!. She was filling me in on the details of her exciting performance piece “huMAN up”, an exploration of gendering in language and how this affects all of us, both male & female, by playing into and perpetuating stereotypes. This interactive performance will take place during the artist’s reception on July 20th 6-9 pm at the Gallery at the Duderstadt Center in Ann Arbor MI.

“huMAN up”, performance poster by Jennifer Weigel

By examining the phrase “Man Up!”, evolving it into “Woman Up!” and finally into ‘Human Up!’, Weigel urges viewers to think about the effects that language plays in gender relationships & prescribed roles. Why are some traits associated with men and others with women, and why are many of those traits frowned upon when roles are reversed? How does this affect how we define ourselves & others?

I can’t wait to be a part of this!