“Kontiki” (1950 by Thor Reyerdahl. Hardcover. 500 pgs.), altered book, multi-media, by Carol Morris

Carol Morris’ altered book, ‘Kontiki’ is another work that will be exhibited at Man Up! No Balls About It. This piece strums a few personal chords for me as the book’s title was one my father’s pet names for me, with a little adjustment – I was known as “Kiki Kontiki.” I am certain that in my father’s case, the name was chosen for its lyrical sound and had nothing to do with the book’s content. But enough about my little stories from way back, and back to the business of art.

Carol Morris has altered “Kontiki”, “a 1947 macho memoir of a bunch of European men sailing around the world on a raft with a can of beans and fishing poles. There are plenty of pictures of the rafters strangling dolphins for dinner, playing grab-ass with girls in grass skirts, and deepening their tans on half clad bodies on the open seas. Not a wisp of femininity is evident.” Through this altered book (that incidently took years to complete), Morris reveals her contempt and delight at the man cave mentality of this needless saga. Her edgy feminist humor prevails with her playful use of color, pirate imagery and 250 cigar labels glued into the pages.