Two artists featured in “Man Up! No Balls About It” explore the notion of power by reversing the gaze, objectifying men as sexual objects of fancy.

Motorcyclist by Maxine Olson

Maxine Olson’s “Fly” series fixates on the male crotch. Her motivation was primarily to challenge and confront basic attitudes and double standards she had experienced as a woman. Men in art history are portrayed as powerful, as poets and artists, with no emphasis on their sexuality, whereas women are often portrayed as sexual objects. Her intent was to “confront male sexuality by focusing on their crotch and to see how the images would be interpreted.”

“Frocked” by Maxine Olson

Brenda Oelbaum’s “Family Jewels” is a collection of antique glass paperweights with images of sexts from men.
 Her installation turns the paradigm of ‘Men see, Women are seen’ on its head, so to speak. For this exhibition she took the show title ‘Man Up’ literally. Oelbaum quips, “‘Man Up!’ sounds like a ‘HARD ON’ to me. So in these pieces I am presenting the viewer with a collection of DICKPICS sent to me by virtual strangers. To titillate, to shock? Oh my, how can that be?”

“Family Jewels Collection” by Brenda Oelbaum