The Detroit Art Tour for the WCA Summer Conference begins at 10:00 am on July 21st in the Rivera Courtyard at the Detroit Institute of Art where I will be giving a presentation on Diego Rivera’s Industry Murals.

2013 will mark the 80th anniversary of Diego Rivera´s most accomplished frescoes in the United States. In March 1933 the Detroit Institute of Arts inaugurated this masterpiece, the most controversial work of art in Michigan history. Criticized and defended by city leaders, art critics and people on all sides of the political spectrum, Rivera’s mural summoned thousands of viewers to Woodward Avenue to witness a unique artistic interpretation of Detroit’s industrial might.

Infused by ancient Mexican cultural elements and excited by the notion of Detroit as the city of the future, Rivera’s artistic impulses manifested a rare blend of unconditional reverence for technological advancement, industrial design and manpower with a deeply rooted faith in ancient Mexican cultural and religious values.

The outcome witnessed in Spring 1933 by thousands of spectators was an astonishing 27-panel monumental work that merges Aztec deities with modern machines. Join the WCA Detroit Tour and learn more about this unique and artistic jewel of Detroit.