Simone DeSousa, artist and owner of Re:View Contemporary, has an impeccable eye and offers her patrons a taste of art on the cutting edge, betting on a select few of Detroit emerging talents to make their mark — locally, nationally and internationally.

Drawing Machine Inspired By Ross Byers

Cedric Tai, born in Detroit, received a BFA from Michigan State University and is currently pursuing a Masters of Fine Art at the Glasgow School of Art. He is one of DeSousa’s picks as well as one of Detroit’s darlings, a young awardee of the sought-after Kresge Fellowship in the Visual Arts.

Tai has had solo exhibitions nationally and internationally and is currently exploring a new body of work that includes kinetic sculptures, conceptual pieces and text based works. His work thrives on discovering the essence of the particular and how to create momentum with a strict set of limitations. He does this with paint, clay, light, people, sawdust, inks, expectations, and ideas.

Most recently he has created a drawing machine that traces the perimeter of a room, like a child’s Spiralgraph toy. “Sometimes the best work is the kind that doesn’t have a destination, we don’t know where it fits in, but it represents itself honestly.”