I know that I have been going on and on about Re:View Contemporary, but there’s still more. The current show “War Paint” features the work of Niagara, an early collaborator of the late Mike Kelley. In fact, Niagara painted a portrait of Kelley just for the show.

Many of Niagara’s works feature sexy women dressed like soldiers and armed with red lipstick and a permanent wave not to mention a punchy quip with a whole lot of attitude. But there is a serious side to the story – the show is inspired by WWII and images of the 1940s, and is about the human spirit in times of war or adversity.

Treat ‘Em Rough Boys by Niagara

But don’t just hang out in the front gallery spaces. At the back there are works of hot, up and coming talent like Ian Swanson and Cedric Tai, whom I mentioned in previous posts. But there is also Matthew Zacharias, an artist whose recent solo show, “Childhood, Boyhood, Sonic Youth” received critical attention in Hyperalleric and Grassfed Art.

Flipbook by Matthew Zacharias

Zacharias’s art begins with a narrative response to images, ones that he’s heard before or just made up. His works are constructed from paint, silk screens, video, found objects or “whatever means necessary to get the job done.”

Accessory Kit by Matthew Zacharias

And speaking of silk screens ….

Another leg of our tour is a visit to Cyberoptix Tie Lab, where we will be witnessing the genius of artist-entrepreneur, Bethany Shorb. Her hand printed ties sport unique, clever and edgy designs. She takes the stodgy out of wearing a tie and makes it downright fun. I bought my 16 year old son a blue “Squid Brain” and he just loves it.

Squid Brain Ties at Cyberoptix Tie Lab

Bring your credit cards … I don’t think you’ll be able to resist taking one (or two) home. Take a look at her website at cyberoptix.com

For more information on Re:View Contemporary, Niagara and Matt Zacharias, go to www.reviewcontemporary.com