Last stop on the WCA Detroit Art Tour is Lincoln Street Art Park (LSAP), an outdoor public art and exhibition space born out of bicycle culture and a dream of sustainability, community engagement and good urban design. It is located on the property of Recycle Here!, a grassroots, neighborhood, recycling event that evolved into a city-wide, fully-funded program.

Beginning humbly in 2011 with a grant awarded by Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs administered by the Detroit Recreation Department, LSAP has grown organically to meet the pent-up demand of Detroit artists and residents seeking to engage and celebrate the diverse history, culture and creativity of the local community.

Within the first year, LSAP commissioned an installation, two sculptures and two murals. Additionally, work was begun on pathways, a performance space, a fire pit and various gardens.

“Pheasant and Freighter”, a spectacular 92’ x 20’ mural by Marianne Audrey Burrows anchors the north end of the park and is the backdrop of a perennial wildflower garden and compliments a large bird’s nest sculpture of steel re-bar and guitar strings.

LSAP founders are: James Willer: (architect, site planner), Matthew Naimi (land/materials donor; site development), Marianne Audrey Burrows (muralist, art coordinator) and Michelle DiMercurio (volunteer/activities coordinator, marketing/PR, budget-keeper, garden design, graphic designer).