Pescador Arte Films features the films of Gabrielle Pescador and Juan Javier Pescador. Their documentaries, which have been screened internationally, focus on gender, sexual and ethnic identity.

TransBeing – Danica, Kael and Emily redefine transgender identities in their own terms showing resilience and strength in their fight to live their true heart and soul. Searching for understanding and respect, these three individuals share their continuous struggles throughout the various phases of their life cycle and transitioning process. In spite of facing ignorance, prejudice and discrimination, Danica, Kael and Emily’s personal horizons mirror the vicissitudes, aspirations and dreams of the trans communities in contemporary society.

Just Because I Am takes the viewer through the inspirational journey of an LGBT youth group and their enthusiastic gay mentor, who give a response to homophobia by creating a performance on love, respect and tolerance. 

After facing a crushing reality that challenges their dream of a more inclusive and equitable society, they rally together in a march of solidarity showing tremendous resilience and strength.

“Best LGBT Documentary” – Ferndale Film Festival 2011

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