Divas LatinasDivas Latinas, 2012

Divas Latinas celebrates the contributions of Latina movie stars in the history of American cinema. Lupe Vélez, Dolores del Río and Margarita Carmen Cansino (Rita Hayworth) starred in several films in the classic era of the Hollywood film industry, navigating in a milieu that was not kind, to say the least, to women, Latina women or Latin American cultures. Against all odds, Lupe, Dolores and Rita made an unforgettable mark in the history of American motion pictures. From the silent era movies to the golden times of the Hollywood studio system these Latina actors broke barriers and overcame prejudice to become leading characters in classic film, reaching stardom and celebrity status. Their remarkable performances in many classic films often projected against the film industry’s featuring of their exotic and hyper-sexualized character roles, generated pride in their communities and recognition in the Americas as the first Latina Hollywood Stars.