mixed media installation, 2010

A Day of the Dead installation-ofrenda honoring the Chinese immigrants who were massacred in Northern Mexico during the Mexican Revolution, Qing Ming in Mictlan interprets the Qing Ming “Tomb Sweeping Day” tradition as an esthetic metaphor, the ofrenda presents human figures embraced by Mictlan (the Aztec underworld), symbolized by the desert in Northern Mexico, a place of healing where the memory of Chinese families is restituted and venerated as seed for future generations. The “clear brightness” that rules on Qing Ming Day and the unending nurturing energy emanating from Mictlan are seen as the crucial elements for healing and reconciliation. By emphasizing the concepts of rebirth and renewal, crucial in both Qing Ming and Day of the Dead traditions, the altar represents hope and regeneration. This installation/ofrenda was exhibited at the National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago in 2010.