“Pink Kippa”, mixed media, dimensions variable

Paying tribute to the spiritual commitment of Jewish women, Pink Kippa reflects on a mystical interpretation of the feminine aspect of God while responding to a long history of the exclusion of women as active participants in the synagogue service and other expressions of religious Jewish life. Raised and schooled in the orthodox tradition, I remember my Hebrew teachers organizing many classes on Jewish homemaking. One assignment made a particular impression, in which I learned how to make a challah cover from a pillowcase. In creating Pink Kippa, I am revisiting this concept of altering a common domestic object and turning it into an article for religious devotion. I use fragments of a pillowcase to create a basic structure, on which beaded Hebrew letters spell out the morning prayer for women “Baruch atah …. she-asani kirztono,” expressing gratitude for being created according to God’s will. The kippa is also embellished with pink beads taken from jewelry once worn by the women of my maternal ancestry, embracing their historical expression of spiritual devotion and unshakable connection to their Jewish identity.